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Distinguished Lecture Program

Distinguished Lecturer Program

About the Program

Developed in 1941, the Distinguished Lecture Program continues to be AAPG’s oldest and most prestigious program. The program offers outstanding lectures by speakers who are respected scientific leaders in their disciplines of petroleum geology. Anyone can attend the lectures, which are hosted by AAPG affiliated geological societies or university departments.

Lecturers are sent to AAPG affiliated geological societies and geoscience departments of universities and colleges throughout the world. They are selected for their knowledge in various geoscience topics and are scheduled to tour anywhere from one week to three weeks at a time, depending upon their availability. One intersociety lecturer with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) is included in the tours.

Abstracts and biographical data on this site feature the Distinguished Lecturers, the lecturers' abstracts, and the dates available for scheduling their tours. After the tours are scheduled they are posted so people may hear their lectures throughout the world. Check the site frequently for updates and edit your contact preferences to receive email updates as well.


The Distinguished Lecture Program is partially funded by the AAPG Foundation and administered by AAPG staff's Distinguished Lecture Program Coordinator with oversight by the Distinguished Lecture Committee.

AAPG pays the Distinguished Lecturer's (DL) airfare costs to the host city. Once the DL is in the Host City, the Hosting Society or University is responsible for providing lodging, meals and local transportation for up to two days.


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