AAPG Goals
  • Schedule Distinguished Lecturers (DLs) to speak to the largest audiences by traveling the shortest distance.
  • Schedule DLs to every society or university making a request.
  • Send DLs on the dates requested, if possible. Again, in the interest of minimizing travel, this is extremely difficult. It is doubly difficult to schedule lecturers on requested dates in out-of-the-way cities or those with poor air service.
What you should know about the DL commitment
  • Distinguished Lecturers are volunteers.
  • Daily commitments are typically limited to two lectures due to travel requirements.
  • Ideally, a schedule of a lecture and then an informal seminar or Q&A with students or society members is best.
  • If holding a dinner or reception for your guest DL, please extend the courtesy of allowing them to retire gracefully.
Host Organization Obligations
  • Host organizations are responsible for the AAPG fee, local lodging, meals, and ground transportation while in the host's city. 
  • Your DL's visit to your city is not to exceed two days unless otherwise discussed. 
  • DLs work a five-day week of Monday through Friday.
    • Friday host organizations are required to pay expenses for Saturday.
    • Monday hosts are required to pay expenses for Sunday. 
  • Hosts pay directly for the hotel, meal, and ground travel expenses. Any expenses not paid by the hosting organization will be billed with the applicable fee following completion of the DL's tour.

Fees are set according to the size of the sponsoring organization. AAPG lecture fees are as follows:

Societies with 300 or more members $525
Societies with less than 300 members $365
University Departments $300 waived

The exception is a lecturer presenting their talk to their own local society. No fee will be charged.

Tour Rules
  • NO cancellation of speakers may be made less than two weeks prior to the scheduled lecture date.
  • Cancelations within the aforementioned two weeks will require the host organization to pay the lecture fee, unless another host organization can be easily substituted.
  • AAPG DL tour is September 1 to May 31 annually.
  • Requests for Distinguished Lectures must be directed to AAPG Headquarters.
Steps for Itinerary Fulfillment
  • Your request is submitted to the DL Coordinator at AAPG Headquarters.
  • An email is sent to requesting host organization with the proposed itinerary of the Distinguished Lecturer’s tour.
  • Once the proposed dates are confirmed by all host organizations, a Travel Itinerary form is emailed to the host.
  • Host immediately completes the form with the hotel reservation (with confirmation number) and ground transportation arrangements.
  • Host returns completed form to the DL Coordinator.
  • DL Coordinator makes flight arrangements and finishes tour itineraries which are then distributed to the DL, hosting organizations and updated on the AAPG DL website.


Katie McElhaney Programs Coordinator +1 918 560 2621
Susie Nolen Programs Team Leader +1 918 560 2634