Ashley Harris

Ashley Harris

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Ashley D. Harris is a native New Jerseyan who received his doctorate in geology from Rutgers University. While at Rutgers he participated in the New Jersey Coastal Plain Drilling Project. The continuous core derived from this project served as the basis for his dissertation research, which focused on using integrated stratigraphic methods to delineate glacioeustatic controls on Paleocene-lowermost Eocene deposits in the New Jersey Coastal Plain.

Upon graduation, Harris began his career at Chevron on the South Texas Asset Development Team in the Midcontinent Business Unit. His duties included seismic and well-log interpretation to support in-fill drilling and plugback opportunities. He later transferred to the Energy Technology Company where he used numerical stratigraphic forward models to characterize reservoir presence uncertainty. Currently, Harris is the team leader for the Clastic Stratigraphy Team where the focus is on reservoir characterization of all clastic and unconventional depositional settings as well as developing next-generation technologies.


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