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Michael Pyrcz - Subsurface Data Analytics and Machine Learning

AAPG Distinguished Lecture Series, 2019-20 Season
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

A Distinguished Lecture talk given by Michael Pyrcz during 2019-20 AAPG DL Season. Click here for abstract.

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Five internationally acclaimed geoscientists have been named for this season’s AAPG Distinguished Lecture program, the Association’s flagship offering of cutting-edge geoscience excellence that once again will be accessible to everyone, everywhere, at any time.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Distinguished Lecturer

Michael J.

Michael J. Pyrcz

The University of Texas at Austin

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  • 55547 Every energy company that I visit is interested in growing internal capabilities to add value with data analytics and machine learning. Energy has a long history of working with large, complicated geoscience and engineering datasets and there is a growing toolbox of old and new emerging data-driven methods available that may offer improved efficiency and potentially new insights from vast and complicated subsurface datasets. This talk is an opportunity to link subsurface data analytics and machine learning to fundamental concepts from probability, statistics, geoscience and engineering and to provide an enthusiastic, but at times critical perspective on what we may expect in the data-driven science revolution. Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Energy Geoscience and Engineering https://www.aapg.org/career/training/in-person/distinguished-lecturer/abstract/articleid/55547/data-analytics-and-machine-learning-for-energy-geoscience-and-engineering
    Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Energy Geoscience and Engineering


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