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Welcome to an interview with Matt Bell, Co-Founder of Strategic Piece, who talks to us today about what it takes to take a new technology from the idea stage to successful launch and commercialization. Matt is involved in AAPG’s U-Pitch New Technology Showcase, where he provides support and guidance to companies needing to build markets as well as potentially obtaining capital.

Recently Added Training

AAPG Event Maputo Mozambique 27 April, 2020 Clastics, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Deep Sea / Deepwater, Structure, Structural Analysis (Other), Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Member, Student 27 April, 2020 29 April, 2020 8:00 AM 5:00 PM 22 January, 2020
Maputo, Mozambique
27-29 April 2020

In 2020, AAPG will launch its first GTW (Geosciences Technology Workshop) in Mozambique, partnering with ENH (Mozambique National Oil and Gas Company) with a focus on deepwater reservoirs and LNG. The goal will be to build scientific knowledge, discover innovations, and network with peers. AAPG has established the GTWs as the primary vehicle for scientific and technological knowledge exchange throughout the world.

Join a TIG

Shaping presentations into case study articles appropriate for the Bulletin. Chaired by Rick Fritz.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
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The SIG provides a series of unique services to AAPG young professional members with the goals of retaining and increasing our current young professional membership and promoting interaction and communication between AAPG student and young professional members. The SIG is open to all who believe and support the mission of the Young Professionals.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
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The IRC is a coordinating committee ultimately designed to provide sustainable growth in International membership at a minimum of 5% annually and maximum target of 20% annually. The IRC should provide a forum for helping generate and establish multiple services for individual regions. This includes: 

  1. Recommend sites to the EC and AAPG staff for workshops, short courses, DL visits, field trips and regional conferences; 
  2. Provide local or regional AAPG affiliated societies and contacts to host above events; 
  3. Share best practices for hosting events; 
  4. Provide contacts for potential AAPG student chapters to AAPG staff; 
  5. Submit nominations to Advisory Council for elected officers, and honors and awards; 
  6. Consider sites for potential local offices which might be capable becoming financially self-sustaining, either in cooperation with other societies or strictly as AAPG. 
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20 Feb

AAPG 2020 International Conference & Exhibition - Call for Papers Expires in 4 days

Divisions, EMD, DPA, DEG, PSGD, MemberEurope Region - ...Spain

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