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Last Post 21 May 2023 09:17 PM by  Patrick Ng
Bard and ChatGPT on productivity - summarizing and inferring
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Patrick Ng
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21 May 2023 09:17 PM
    In this blog post, we will illustrate how AI can be used to improve productivity. We will also compare the different responses of ChatGPT and Bard to a probing question.

    First, we can extract condensed summary with ChatGPT assist:

    Next, we contrast different responses of Bard and ChatGPT (side-by-side comparison):


    In terms of productivity, Bard and ChatGPT can be used to automate many tasks that are currently done manually, e.g, to summarize papers, write reports, and even create presentations. Free us up to focus on more strategic and creative work.

    When it comes to risk taking, It is important to conduct benchmark / quantitative calibration (just as we would tie well to seismic) before we put too much stock into AI.

    One thing for sure is that this blog will be a great place to share and exchange hands-on experience applying AI to our work. One way to validate any emerging tech is "prove with the drill bit", not digital bytes.
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