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Last Post 06 Apr 2023 09:35 AM by  Patrick Ng
ChatGPT Geothermal Quantitative Q1 2023
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Patrick Ng
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Basic Member

06 Apr 2023 09:35 AM
    Follow up to end of year post on ChatGPT getting quantitative

    Here is Q1 update on a “ChatGPT Geothermal 3Ps” experiment.

    Perspective - Bing ChatGPT has no P10, P50 and P90 data and yet provided a adequate response on the range that suffice for further investigation.

    To move the ball down the pitch, here is a glimpse into the possibility of combining ChatGPT with fit-for-purpose data analytics.

    For illustration, consider a Hybrid (DNA + machine) approach to ChatGPT 3Ps with a single click:

    TIG community - chime in or shoot me email if you are interesting in pursuing Quantitative GPT.
    You are not authorized to post a reply.