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Last Post 20 Mar 2023 09:40 PM by  Patrick Ng
Python speaking ViperGPT
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Patrick Ng
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20 Mar 2023 09:40 PM

    For those who are interested in getting under the GPT "hood", this may be an interesting entry.

    "Columbia University introduce ViperGPT1"

    It is new and open source - perhaps alt ChatGPT (different approach).

    "... provide a Python library that enables the quick creation of programs for visual tasks and will be open-sourced after publication."

    As Wallace Pratt, the geologist’s geologist said, "Where oil is first found, in the final analysis, is in the minds of men and women*." Wherever in our AI / deep learning journey, it is fun to read ahead.

    *1976 article reporting an interview with the 91-year old Pratt.

    You are not authorized to post a reply.