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Last Post 19 Mar 2023 02:28 PM by  Patrick Ng
ChatGPT Bing on Geothermal
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Patrick Ng
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Basic Member

19 Mar 2023 02:28 PM
    Just as we may anticipate, chatbot has its own personality.

    Check out 12.16.2022 my first encounter with OpenAI ChatGPT on geothermal (exact same topic).

    Different response and style(s).

    Good, bad or ugly - that is all up to your preference. Business model of online dating beckons?

    Here is one experiment - asking ChatGPT Bing on geothermal regarding

    1) Where
    2) How
    3) What
    and repeat question #1.

    See screen captures below and judge for yourself if that is "someone" who would be an asset as assistant or team member.




    Over the next several weeks, we'd be experiment "getting quantitative" with Bing.

    Premise - crowd chatting can accelerate our pace of learning / "training" ChatGPT.

    Shaping Deep Learning TIG: feel free to share your interaction and help this community figure how to best exploit the power / gauge the limit of ChatGPT.
    You are not authorized to post a reply.