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Last Post 10 Mar 2023 05:50 PM by  Patrick Ng
ChatGPT on Climate Change
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Patrick Ng
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10 Mar 2023 05:50 PM

    "To my surprise, after I waited a day and asked the exact same question again, I got this significantly different answer:"

    Given that ChatGPT, unlike Google or Bing Search, doesn't show links or reference to the source of information, we can come up with our own interpretation.

    1) ChatGPT picks up different pattern between last and the new question, hence different answer.

    2) It is really learning as fast as it can, from all the users on same or similar topic, or

    3) it plays game with us - doing the AI shuffle (like music app on our playlist).

    So we are hopeful that ChatGPT is learning and may just alert us to a different perspective that we overlook. So we may not be blindsided.

    Back in the mid 1990s, Houston Chronicle ran headline story in the business section - "Gulf of Mexico is the Dead Sea". BP and partners made the three giant subsalt discoveries in the deepwater (1997) and changed the game.


    Back to ChatGPT. we shall treat it the same way as stock recommendation engine, i.e., we take the information, consider our own risk tolerance and make the investment decision.


    Anything else is just gamble - roll a dice or take the random walk. ChatGPT is happy to play along.
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