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Last Post 14 Feb 2023 01:01 PM by  Patrick Ng
Electrical Impedance Tracking for CCS
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Patrick Ng
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14 Feb 2023 01:01 PM
    Microseismic to CCS is what seismic to E&P?

    Backdrop - carbon capture sequestration (CCS) is emerging as high-impact opportunity for geologists to horn their skills.

    Recently I heard the pitch from Microseismic Inc (Duncan) that permanent life-of-field EM + seismic array is prime for CCS, e.g., monitoring and tracking where the carbon plumes are at all times.

    Premise (as I understand) -

    1) Electrical impedance change > Δ seismic impedance in CCS (more CO2)
    2) Increase with moisture absorption (in general from literature search*)

    Q1: how do we think about this - another inversion problem for geoscientists to tackle?

    Q2: can we put ChatGPT to good use - more powerful search and discovery to distill a shortlist of most favorable CCS spots?

    Love to hear your thoughts.

    *Google "electrical impedance" and found electrical impedance tomography (albeit from biochem)

    Using electrical impedance tomography for rapid determination of starch and soluble sugar contents in Rosa hybrida | Scientific Reports ( -

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