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Best practices and emerging technologies for economically recovering oil using CO2 enhanced oil recovery methods.
CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery
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Last Post 28 Jun 2021 03:28 PM by  Patrick Ng
Delivering Energy Transition with CCUS
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Patrick Ng
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28 Jun 2021 03:28 PM
    SPE live* 06.22.2021 Delivering the Energy Transition through CCUS and Hydrogen

    Takeaway - Energy transition is not just about us, the industry. It is what we transition into. So what will change the game?

    1. Bring everyone to the sandbox
    2. Change the business model

    Perspective - CCUS projects execution boils down to a real estate challenge, just as oil and gas. Open the door for everyone, citizens and communities alike, and lower the barrier to get on ramp to the CCUS highway. There is a single-purpose geosearch app

    Think global, act local. Just click near the Midland TX International Airport and see. (Data source:

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