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Last Post 26 Aug 2022 03:09 PM by  Patrick Ng
Quantum Computing - Reservoir Simulation on the Fly
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Patrick Ng
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26 Aug 2022 03:09 PM

    "enabling everyone to gain access to the quantum computer with any device, including a smartphone. The computer has just 10 qubits, a relatively small number compared with more advanced systems built by China’s top universities and Western companies, such as Google and IBM."

    While the detail is scant, the tantalizing thought (refer to yesterday's AI making better geomodelling post) is the real possibility of reservoir mapping / simulations on demand right off your phone!

    At the very least, I can think of doing 250,000 Monte Carlo portfolio simulations of 80+ stocks (Hart Energy defined Energy Majors, Large Caps / Small independents) to find the optimal allocation, from the palm of my hand. Instead of 2,500 and a handful of stocks


    Timing? Understand some may be attending IMAGE next week, so please share with us back here if you have further exchange on quantum reservoir simulation. Keep the conversation going.
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