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Last Post 25 May 2021 09:22 AM by  Patrick Ng
AAPG-SPE Marriage
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Patrick Ng
New Member
New Member

25 May 2021 09:22 AM
    We all read this morning AAPG and SPE coming together as one.

    It accelerates the shift from petroleum to energy. So how can Deep Learning TIG contribute?

    1. Learn a little more jargons used (may be same term but different context) and communicate better;
    e.g., using visuals of 3Ps (P10, P50, P90) and simple proxy model (linear fit) may be useful.

    Click on the map (e.g., sweet spots around Midland Airport)

    Update 06.09.2021 - attached proxy-model screen shots.

    2. Participate in the Pivot 2021series (hosted bi-weekly Wednesday 7pm CST) and join the conversation. Link to May 26 registration:

    Perspective - it is always a challenge when facing uncertainties. Geologists are risk takers (remember the "butterflies" drilling the wildcat) and engineers more risk averse (well economics and volumes focused), my bet is coming together and tackling the challenges in energy transition, we'd deliver a better outcome faster for people and planet.

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