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Last Post 17 Feb 2021 09:17 PM by  Patrick Ng
Texas Freeze Out cannot stop Energy in Data
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Patrick Ng
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New Member

17 Feb 2021 09:17 PM
    Update - as we tally up the Texas and Oklahoma freeze out, and recognize challenges many of our members face in the aftermath, not to mention pipes bursts, water damages etc, the three societies will postpone the EiD 2021 kick off to a later date (tentatively slated for April).

    There is time for us to better prepare and engage a larger audience. Additional considerations will be given to broaden geographic reach, and highlight the contributions AI and machine learning make.

    Meanwhile, all the best in tackling challenges at home and work after the freeze out. Stay tuned.

    *** First Post ***

    Despite power out and water shortage in Texas and Oklahoma, a number of participants are completing practice sessions today to ensure kinks in logistics are worked out before next week.

    Once again, I urge y'all to support EiD 2021 and register for the first of the series. Give a warm welcome to all the speakers and participants, while combating the freezing cold.

    p.s. Texas freeze out makes it clear energy challenges lie ahead, including robust energy storage for both fossil and renewable energy. We'd be better off as a community to engage and adapt AI and machine learning with data, help fostering innovation and solution delivery from molecules to electrons.
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