Petrophysics Technical Interest Group (TIG)

Provide a platform for petrophysics as an integrated discipline of AAPG, with interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and keeping up with petrophysical innovation. Chaired by Matt Boyce and Kiran Garwankar.
Petrophysics TIG
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0 Replies and 589 Views Read This First!      589  0 Started by  Bogdan Michka Welcome to AAPG N.E.T., an online space where you can Network, Engage and Talk. Please complete the following steps before you begin interacting with the discussion boards: 1. Take time to review your profile and privacy settings, paying attention to your display name and photo, as they will be used to identify your posts. 2. Read the Discussion Boards FAQ page to learn the rules and get familiar with the features: — pa...
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09 May 2017 04:21 PM
0 Replies and 328 Views Resources - Darryl James' Playmaker talk - Horizontal Drilling in the Hammer – Rock Tank Area in the northern Midland Basin  328  0 Started by  Bogdan Michka Watch Horizontal Drilling in the Hammer – Rock Tank Area in the northern Midland Basin, a talk presented by Darryl James at AAPG/DPA Playmaker Forum in Midland, Texas on 14 January, 2015. Summary: This presentation is a review of the mapping techniques and shale-log petrophysics that led to the discovery of the Hammer-Rock Tank Area. Th...
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10 Apr 2019 11:19 AM
0 Replies and 186 Views Resources - Lisa Stright's DL Talk and Digging Deeper interview  186  0 Started by  Bogdan Michka Watch Lisa Stright's Distinguished Lecture, Template-based modeling: Bridging the gap between quantitative outcrop studies and subsurface reservoir characterization: Also here's a link to her Digging Deeper interview with Vern Stefanic:
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10 Apr 2019 09:09 AM
1 Replies and 1096 Views Search and Discovery Content  1096  1 Started by  Bogdan Michka Check out Geostatistical Prediction of Reservoir Petrophysical Properties by Copula Based Dependence Models between Seismic Attributes and Petrophysical Properties
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by  Bogdan MichkaJump to last post
18 May 2017 03:30 PM
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