About STEMulating Diversity & Inclusion Special Interest Group (SIG)

STEMulating Diversity and Inclusion

STEMulating Diversity is an AAPG Special Interest Group that promotes awareness of, and respect for, diversity in all its forms and the value of inclusion. This SIG provides solutions for AAPG to foster inclusion that matches the entire population being served. STEMulating Diversity is committed to improving the future of AAPG by uniting all members of the society through events that encourage productive discussion of these topics and their positive impact on our business.

Area of Focus

STEM, Diversity, Leadership, Technical Thought, Inclusion, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Dinosaurs, creativecon


STEMulating Diversity & Inclusion will organize at least one event at each AAPG ACE such as a lunch, panel, discussion or other event to continue the awareness and dialogue around diversity and inclusion at AAPG. We have a committed group of founding members who are pledging time and financial support to make sure happens.

Additionally, we want to do small things that can help make AAPG more appealing for all members and the communities in which we work. We want to promote a healthy conference for people who are interested with events such as running or yoga. Additionally we want to provide a place for nursing mothers to pump. We want to donate extra bags and conference gear to local schools where ACE or ICE are being held.

Outside of conferences, we will maintain a social media presence providing interviews with AAPG members from around the world about their cultures and experiences in geology and AAPG.