About Playmaker to Bulletin Article Technical Interest Group (TIG)

Shaping presentations into case study articles appropriate for the Bulletin. Chaired by Rick Fritz.

Develop a network for professionals who will agree to develop and submit an E&D article concerning a new play within a period of one year.

Technical Focus

Publication of recent exploration plays.

  • Develop timely exploration articles for submittal to AAPG (submit within one year from joining).
  • Gather authors who have information on new plays especially those who have provided talks for DPA Playmakers Forums.
  • Mentor authors to develop new articles and share information on new plays.
  • Help students publish MS theses from new plays.
  • Build a submittal pipeline on new plays.
Overarching Goal

Raise awareness of DPA activities by further branding the name of "DPA Playmakers" while providing a new service to AAPG — "Win-Win!"


Richard Fritz

Headquarters Contacts

Susan Nash Director, Innovation and Emerging Science and Technology AAPG