Rules and Procedures Committee-HoD

The Rules and Procedures Committee shall consist of seven (7) members including a Chair, who shall serve staggered two (2) year terms. This Committee shall review the Rules and Procedures of the House annually. They shall review other proposals for changes in the Rules and Procedures. They shall make recommendations for changes in existing Rules and Procedures. Such proposals shall be submitted to the Chair of the House at least ninety (90) days prior to the annual meeting. The Chair of the House shall have the proposed changes checked for legal conformity, if necessary. All recommended changes that legally conform shall be disseminated to the Delegates at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting and included in the agenda of such meeting.

Dan A. Billman Dan A. Billman Chair 2014-2016 Billman Geologic Consultants Inc
Robin P. Diedrich MEMBER 2014-2016 SM Energy
Travis Adam Helms MEMBER 2014-2016 James F. Hardwick & Associates
Charlotte Dillon Klenk MEMBER 2013-2015 Klenk Resources & O'Tool Oil & Gas LLC
James S. McGhay MEMBER 2014-2016 Mid-Con Energy
Robert Charles Shoup MEMBER 2013-2015
Steven Paul Zody MEMBER 2013-2015 SM Energy