Board of Certification Committee-DPA

Michael Richard Canich Jr. Michael Richard Canich Jr. Chair 2017-2021 Michael R. Canich Geologic Consultants
Meredith Faber Committee Member 2020-2021
James Michael Hill Committee Member 2020-2023 CalTerra Energy, LLC
J. Michael Party Committee Member 2012-2021 Beryl Oil and Gas, LP
Valary L. Schulz Committee Member 2017-2021 VSW Holdings, Inc
Stephen A. Sonnenberg Committee Member 2012-2021 Colorado School of Mines
Formed: in Bylaws

"…[to] review each application for certification…, making such investigation as deem[ed] necessary, and approve or disapprove each applicant for certification…

“Certification of applicants so approved shall be subject to the approval of the President of the DPA, the President of the technical division sponsoring certification (if not the DPA), and the Executive Director of the Association." (Bylaws, VII, 1)


"…consist of the Chairman, who shall be appointed by the President of the Division from among the members of the Division for a term of three years {and must remain a DPA member for the term}…

"The president of each technical division of the AAPG which sponsors certification… shall appoint as members of the Board of Certification for each category sponsored… four members of such division certified in such category [or qualified], such Board members serving [staggered] three-year terms…. If [there is a] vacancy, a replacement member shall be appointed to serve the expired term. Members may serve successive terms." (Bylaws)

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