Publications Committee-DPA

Formed: in Procedures Manual

“to gather information and pertinent articles toward publication of the DPA newsletter, The Correlator.

“Members of the Publications Committee shall constantly strive to improve the quality of communication through The Correlator. The Committee shall, at all times, solicit input from DPA members. The DPA guarantees its membership a strong voice in its publication.” (Procedures Manual)

Special publications may from time to time be commissioned by the Division, and would be pursued by subcommittees under the overall direction of the Editor.


“The Chairman… shall be appointed annually by the President and shall assume the position of Editor for The Correlator. The Chairman, with approval of the President, may appoint one or more DPA members as committee members to act (primarily) as Assistant Editors for the newsletter, with specific duties to be outlined by the Editor.” (Procedures Manual)

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