Governmental Affairs Committee-DPA

Formed: in Bylaws

“... governmental affairs that impact the profession of petroleum, energy and environmental geology.

“The Committee shall inform the Executive Committee and DPA Council on matters of concern regarding State and Federal legislation and regulatory policy primarily by way of the Action Alert System.

“Committee activities shall, when appropriate, keep the members of the Association informed on matters affecting petroleum exploration and development.

“Official AAPG statements and related action by the Committee shall be approved by the Division Executive Committee and the Executive Committee of the Association.

“Subsequent Committee activities, statements or testimony before legislative, regulatory or other governing bodies are authorized when in conformity with previously approved AAPG statements by the GAC Chairman, Vice Chair, and the AAPG Executive Committee.” (Bylaws, VII, 4)

The Committee represents the Division in overseeing the operation and direction of the GEO-DC office.


“The Chairman appointed annually by the President, and at least five (5), but not more than twenty-five (25) members appointed annually by the Chairman with the approval of the President.” (Bylaw)

Washington Advocacy Group
Formed: July, 2007
  • To promote a greater outreach by AAPG members with Washington based policy makers.
  • To engage Congress at the national and state/district level in a manner that reflects the value of geoscience professionals and their contribution to the nation's economic, environmental and energy security.
  • To encourage factual articulation of issues of specific import and interest to the Association members.
  • To serve as ambassadors of the AAPG Office of Geoscience and Energy.
  • To promote AAPG member participation in Congressional Visits Day and similar events.
  • To serve as a network and support community to further AAPG's government outreach efforts at all levels of state and federal governments.
  • To serve as an example for outreach in the international community.

Administratively, serves as a subcommittee of the Government Affairs Committee of DPA.

Members of this support group may include any AAPG member who wishes to be more closely involved with Washington advocacy and support the GEO-DC office. The Chair of the group will keep the roster of members and keep members informed of opportunities for service. The Chair may approve additions and deletions from the membership list, keeping the GAC Chair and the DPA President periodically informed.

Members may receive frequent ‘action alerts’ (over the ones sent to all DPA members) and form a ‘Tiger team’ to conduct proactive outreach in Washington.

The Chair of the Group is ex officio a member of the Governmental Affairs Committee. The Chair will be appointed or reappointed annually through the GAC chair in consultation with the DPA President.

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