Student Chapters Committee

The mission of the Student Chapter Committee (SCC) is to support the establishment and ongoing efforts of AAPG Student Chapters at academic institutions. To this end, the SCC will act as the primary liaison between AAPG and it's student and faculty members. Within AAPG, the SCC will be a leader in establishing programs that will promote student membership, facilitate student involvement in the greater organization, and provide students with exposure to research and careers in the petroleum, energy mineral and environmental sciences. The SCC will strive to maintain an active, diverse membership that represents a broad disciplinary and geographic distribution of professionals, thereby providing a valuable resource to students as they transition from academics to professional careers. The committee should maintain an international co-chair or vice-chair and apply for foundation funding for specific needs.

Scott W. Douglas Scott W. Douglas Co-Chair 2015-2018
Jayne Alexandra Sloan Jayne Alexandra Sloan Co-Chair 2015-2018 Parsley Energy
Olatunbosun Afolayan Olatunbosun Afolayan Africa Coordinator 2016-2019 Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company
Aisha Abdullah Al-Bulushi Aisha Abdullah Al-Bulushi Middle East Coordinator 2014-2017 Petroleum Development Oman LLC
Sarah Allen Sarah Allen Mid-Con/SW Coordinator 2016-2019 Chesapeake Energy
Allison Ranae Burton Allison Ranae Burton Mid-Con & SW Coordinator 2014-2017 Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Lizbeth Paola Calizaya Sunchulli Lizbeth Paola Calizaya Sunchulli Latin America Coordinator 2016-2019
Daniel R. Chandonais Daniel R. Chandonais Eastern Coordinator 2014-2017 Cabot Oil & Gas
Tan Chun Hock Tan Chun Hock Asia Pacific Coordinator 2016-2019 Repsol
Janos Csizmeg Janos Csizmeg Europe Coordinator 2016-2019 Vermilion Energy Central&Eastern Europe
Ella Maria Goldberg Ella Maria Goldberg Canada Coordinator 2015-2018 Shell Canada Ltd
Juan Horacio Cayetano Herrera Juan Horacio Cayetano Herrera Latin America Coordinator 2016-2019
Shane Michael Peterson Shane Michael Peterson Pacific Coordinator 2016-2019 Chevron
Erin Elizabeth Roehrig Erin Elizabeth Roehrig Gulf Coast Coordinator 2015-2018
Vinay K. Sahay Vinay K. Sahay Asia Pacific Coordinator 2014-2017 MEPL Research Foundation
Carla Heleen Skinner Carla Heleen Skinner Canada Coordinator 2015-2018
David Wheatley David Wheatley Rocky Mountain Coordinator 2015-2018 University of Utah
Charles Alan Sternbach Charles Alan Sternbach Executive Committee Liaison 2016-2017 Star Creek Energy Company Inc
Natasha Marie Rigg Natasha Marie Rigg Committee Manager 2015-2018
Susie Nolen Susie Nolen Staff Liaison 2004-2017 AAPG Administration and Programs
Rebecca Katherine Schempp Committee Member 2016-2018 California Resource Corporation