Preservation of Geoscience Data Committee

The mission of the AAPG Committee on Preservation of Geoscience Data is to promote collection, preservation, and utilization of samples and cores as well as those data directly attributable to this rock material to include core analysis, sample descriptions, and stratigraphic assignment. Specifically inclusive, would be photographs, petrographic data and descriptions, photomicrographs, porosity, permeability and other rock data all of which could be digitized and stored in compact storage facilities. A priority is placed on identifying established repositories and constructing automated linkages between potential users and the data listings of these archives. The Committee will encourage and support both the AAPG membership and any other individual or appropriate organization in accomplishing this mission.

Stephen Geoffrey Allen Stephen Geoffrey Allen Chair 2014-2017 TGS
Sarah E. Ramdeen Sarah E. Ramdeen Chair 2014-2017 University of North Carolina
Heather L. LaReau Heather L. LaReau Executive Committee Liaison 2015-2017 Noble Energy, Inc.
Laura Cutright Zahm Laura Cutright Zahm Committee Manager 2011-2017
Ronald L. Hart Ronald L. Hart Staff Liaison 2004-2016 AAPG
M. Lee Allison MEMBER 2014-2017 Arizona Geological Survey
Wayne Alan Cross MEMBER 2014-2017 ExxonMobil Corporation
Beverly Blakeney DeJarnett MEMBER 2008-2017 Bureau of Economic Geology
Patrick James Gooding MEMBER 2002-2017 University of Kentucky/Kentucky Geological Survey
William Baxter Harrison, III MEMBER 2014-2017 Western Michigan Univ.
Denise J. Hills MEMBER 2015-2018 Geological Survey of Alabama
Allegra Hosford Scheirer MEMBER 2015-2018 Stanford University, GES Dept
Larry Craig Knauer MEMBER 2014-2017 Chevron
David M. Orchard MEMBER 2014-2017 ConocoPhillips
John Charles Steinmetz MEMBER 2014-2017 Indiana Geological Survey
Jewel Ellen Wellborn MEMBER 2015-2018 Hydrocarbon Exploration & Development

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