Membership Career Services Committee

To continually develop and maintain a portfolio of career-oriented services and programs that promote AAPG as every member's Career Partner for Life. The Career Services Committee is to continually develop and maintain programs and services in the following core areas:

  1. Job Posting Service
  2. Resumé Posting Service
  3. Member Registry of Skills & Experiences
  4. Career Counseling Services
  5. Employment Statistics Services
  6. Other programs/services for member career improvement

This committee's programs and services are to be designed to be user-friendly to current members, as well as attractive to potential members, and establish a strong commitment of mutual need between AAPG and its members.

Jessie Jean Holland Jessie Jean Holland Chair 2015-2018
Emem Umoh Ekwo Committee Member 2009-2018
Chandan Jaiswal Committee Member 2009-2018 Oil and Natural Gas Corp. Ltd. India
Michael Ryan King Committee Member 2015-2018 N/A
Dwight McClintock Moore Committee Member 2015-2018 GulfSlope Energy
Chima Nzewunwah Committee Member 2015-2018 Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Aaron Matthew Reeves Committee Member 2015-2018 Lodi Logistics and Wellsite Services LLC., Inflection Energy LLC.
David Jacob Entzminger Executive Committee Liaison 2017-2018 Entzminger Geoscience Services, LLC
David E. Lange Staff Liaison 2017-2099 AAPG
Steven Loring Veal Committee Manager 2017-2018

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