Grants in Aid Committee

The purpose of the Committee on Grants-in-Aids is to provide funds to students seeking graduate degrees in the geosciences whose research has application to the search for and development of petroleum and energy-mineral resources and to related environmental geology issues. The focus is principally upon M.S. degree programs, but Ph.D. projects will be considered if the proposal is not normally supported by other societies or government agencies. This emphasis is in response to the perceived special needs at these academic levels.

Mike Unger Mike Unger Vice Chair 2012-2016 Chevron
Paul William Britt Paul William Britt Executive Committee Liaison 2015-2016 Texplore Inc
April Stuart April Stuart Staff Liaison 2013-2019 AAPG Foundation
Nadeem Ahmad MEMBER 2004-2016 Pakistan Petroleum Ltd
Aus A. Al-Tawil MEMBER 2004-2016 Saudi Aramco
George Ardies MEMBER 2001-2016 GAP Resources
Ralph Wayne Baird MEMBER 2001-2016 Baird Petrophysical International
Cornelius White Barnes MEMBER 2011-2016 Strong Rock Energy, LLC
Tandis Shaterian Bidgoli MEMBER 2013-2016
Denise M. Cox MEMBER 1995-2016 Storm Energy
Andrew Cullen MEMBER 2001-2016 Warwick Energy
Olusanmi Olatunde Emmanuel MEMBER 2014-2017 BG Group
Adegbenga Oluwafemi Esan MEMBER 2013-2016 Chevron North America
Lee Hamlin Fairchild MEMBER 2001-2016 Gorge Geotechnical
Anthony John Grindrod MEMBER 1995-2016 Retired
Edgar H. Guevara MEMBER 2001-2016
Josh Clayton Hickman MEMBER 2007-2016 EdgeMarc Energy Holdings
Denise Nora Hodder MEMBER 2001-2016 ExxonMobil Canada Ltd.
Jean C. Hsieh MEMBER 2001-2016 Repsol
Kevin Joseph Keogh MEMBER 2005-2016 Statoil ASA
Alexander A. Kitchka MEMBER 2001-2016
Larry Michael Knox MEMBER 2004-2016
Henry Anthony Legarre MEMBER 2001-2016 Oryx Petroleum
Peter MacKenzie MEMBER 2001-2016 GeoStabilization International
Adam Daniel McArthur MEMBER 2014-2017 Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Nicole Susanne Morris MEMBER 2014-2017 Atlas Resource Partners LP
Victor Ogunmola MEMBER 2014-2017 ExxonMobil
Mihaela Stefan Ryer MEMBER 2004-2016 Hess Corporation
John Charles Steinmetz MEMBER 2010-2016 Indiana Geological Survey
Grant Douglas Wach MEMBER 2013-2016 Dalhousie University
Johnnie P. Wanger MEMBER 2001-2016 JPWEnergy
Rhonda A. Welch MEMBER 2013-2016 Chevron
Julia Smith Wellner MEMBER 2001-2016 University of Houston
Malleswara Rao Yenugu MEMBER 2014-2017 Ikon Science Americas

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