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Richard (Rick) D.
Richard (Rick) D. Fritz
Council Oak Resources



Richard "Rick" Fritz, Candidate for President-Elect

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Meet Richard "Rick" Fritz, 2019 Candidate for AAPG President-Elect

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The primary reason I am willing to serve is to lead AAPG members in the development of an even better global association. AAPG is at a critical junction in its evolution and we should take bold steps to reach our stated goal of being “indispensable.”

Membership services may not sound “bold”, but it is the gateway to our Association. I’ve worked for years on membership both as a volunteer and AAPG staff. There are several good methods to attract a diversity of members, but we also need to look at AAPG’s structure to find the best ways to recruit new members and retain current members worldwide. In the end it boils down to relevance – how do we ensure AAPG is relevant to members, their employers and the general public?

Two key reasons for interest in AAPG are:

  • Content
  • Networking

AAPG has members with the expertise to provide valuable content through publications and programs; however, capture and deliverability of that expertise must be efficient to provide value and networking opportunities. I was one of the first investors in Datapages and served as chair on the Datapages board. I want to serve because I have a special interest in delivering relevant products and services through better technology and marketing.

Networking is about building a community. We need to make sure AAPG has programs that invite members from seniors to students to come and participate. We can use the new TIG/SIG platforms to build relationships with members and non-members. I really don't think it's about building a lot of new programs; rather, it is about communication and marketing, especially through social media.

Strategic and tactical planning are critical for the successful global development of both the Association and the Foundation – to know what bold steps to take and when to take them. In 2004, we instituted the first comprehensive strategic/tactical planning program for AAPG with executable goals. As AAPG president, I would make sure we have an active, comprehensive plan to keep the Association relevant to geoscientists in the decades ahead.

In the end I am willing to serve because I know I can make a positive difference. I also know it is a privilege and great responsibility to serve. I appreciate the nomination and look forward to the opportunity to stand for office.

Academic Degrees

  • 1978 – M.S. Geology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla.
  • 1975 – B.S. Geology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla.


  • 2015-18 – CEO-GEO, Council Oak Resources, Tulsa
  • 2011-15 – Senior Advisor, SM Energy, Tulsa
  • 1999-2011 – Executive Director, AAPG, Tulsa
  • 1982-99 – Senior Geologist-President, Masera Corporation, Tulsa
  • 1980-82 – Exploration Geologist, Exxon, Oklahoma City, Okla.
  • 1977-79 – Senior Geologist, Exxon, Kingsville, Texas


AAPG Activities

  • Joined AAPG 1975
  • Member DPA, DEG, EMD
  • 2017-18 – Chair, Jammin’ Geos SIG
  • 2017-18 – Co-Chair Mid-Continent, VGP SIG
  • 2017-18 – Chair, Bulletin Article, TIG
  • 2017 – Co-Chair Mid-Con Playmakers, DPA
  • 2016-18 – HoD Committee, TGS Mid-Continent Section
  • 2015-16 – Trustee Associates Officer
  • 2015-16 – President, DPA Executive Committee
  • 2014-18 – Co-Chair, IBA Sponsorship Committee
  • 2014 – GEO-DC Board of Governors
  • 2013-19 – AAPG Investment Committee
  • 2012-18 – Chair, Datapages Board
  • 2012-18 – Chair, Foundation Fundraising Advisory Committee
  • 2012-18 – Military Veterans Scholarship Committee
  • 2012-17 – Foundation Member of the Corporation
  • 2012-13 – President, Tulsa Geological Society
  • 1998-2001 – Reservoir Development Committee

AAPG Honors & Awards

  • 2018 – DPA Lifetime Membership Award
  • 2017 – AAPG Distinguished Service Award
  • 2007 – Harrison Schmitt Special Award
  • 2004 – DPA Distinguished Service Award
  • 2000 – AAPG Certificate of Merit


  • 2016 – Resource Play Potential of the Phosphoria Formation in Western Wyoming, Richard D. Fritz, URTEC Ext. Abs.
  • 2012 – Great American Carbonate Bank: Knox Group of the Black Warrior Basin, Richard D. Fritz, Patrick Medlock, Michael Kuykendall, James L. Wilson, AAPG Memoir No. 98
  • 2012 – The Geology of the Arbuckle Group in the Midcontinent: Sequence Stratigraphy, Reservoir Development, and the Potential for Hydrocarbon Exploration, Richard D. Fritz, Patrick Medlock, Michael Kuykendall, James L. Wilson, AAPG Memoir, No. 98
  • 2003 – Red Fork Sandstone of Oklahoma: Depositional History, Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Distribution, Richard D. Fritz, Edward A. Beaumont, and Larry D. Gerken, OGS/TGS Paper/Pub
  • 2001 – Misener Sandstone of Oklahoma, Michael D. Kuykendall and Richard D. Fritz, AAPG Search and Discovery Article #10018
  • 1995 – Recognition of Unconformities and Sequences in Mid-Continent Carbonates, Richard D. Fritz and Patrick L. Medlock, Tulsa Geological Society Special Pub.
  • 1994 – Sequence Stratigraphy of the Hunton Group as Defined by Core, Outcrop and Log Data, Richard D. Fritz and Patrick L. Medlock, Houston Geological Society Bulletin
  • 1993 – Paleokarst Development in Devonian Cherts in the Arkoma and Black Warrior Basin, Richard D. Fritz, Patrick Medlock, James, L. Wilson and Donald A. Yurewicz, SEPM Workshop Notes, SEPM
  • 1991 – Geologic Aspects of Horizontal Drilling, Richard D. Fritz, Mike K. Horn, and S. D. Joshi, AAPG Continuing Education Course Notes Series

My professional career has focused on both carbonate and siliciclastic sequence stratigraphy and related depositional patterns, i.e., I love to correlate, imagine the past and use that information to explore for oil and gas. I also became interested in horizontal drilling in the early 1990s, so at Masera we researched which formations worldwide would be the best candidates for resource plays. As a result, Mike Horn, Sada Joshi and I taught multiple short courses for AAPG on predicting resource plays. Along with many good co-authors, I have produced over 30 years of technical presentations and publications for AAPG and other professional societies. In addition, I have written significant proprietary publications throughout the United States with Masera Corporation, many of which we are bringing forward for publication in scientific journals.

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