Candidate for Vice President, Regions (2021-2023)

Nosa Omorodion
Director, National Companies and Independents, Nigeria and West Africa
Schlumberger, Lagos, Nigeria



Something new from AAPG: Join AAPG Executive Director David Curtiss for a roundtable discussion with vice president-Region candidates Elvira Gómez and Nosa Omorodion about public perceptions of AAPG, challenges facing membership throughout the Regions, AAPG’s relevance in today’s fast-changing energy arena, and much more.

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AAPG means so many things to many petroleum geologists, but in my opinion it is the premier professional association of choice that every geoscientist should aspire to be part of. While AAPG has its roots in America its branches are in almost every country of the world.

The networking, knowledge sharing, science, mentoring, industry/academia and research collaboration, the journals, the outreach, increased globalization and above all the role of the petroleum geoscientist within the ongoing narratives around the energy transition are exciting reasons to stand for election now.

How do these conversations impact membership within the Regions? What role can AAPG play to equip and support members within the Regions?

Consistently for over two decades I have served in various AAPG committees. I served as pioneer secretary/treasurer and later as president for Africa region, served as president for an AAPG affiliated society (the largest petroleum geoscience association in Africa), served on the International Region Council, AAPG Advisory Council, served as general co-vice chairman for 2018 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa, and facilitated a joint AAPG Africa/Europe Region Mediterranean conference in Marrakesh, amongst many other roles.

I have lived and worked in Africa, Europe and North America. I have held global roles within Schlumberger that has seen me travel to many parts of South America, Asia and the Middle East, where I have had the privilege of developing many relationships. I have served on the global steering committee charged with promoting AAPG within the organization. I have had the opportunity to mentor many young men and women and continue to work with young professionals. I also belong to the Energy Mineral Division of AAPG.

I strongly believe that the next phase of growth for AAPG will be shaped by a collective global effort. Therefore, we need to strengthen our presence and influence in the Regions. From Riyadh to Maputo, Daqing to Perth, Calgary to Lagos and Bogota. It is important that our members around the world have that true sense of belonging and connection to AAPG. There is a lot AAPG can bring to the table in our Regions. The same way AAPG has become an important and influential voice in America, so can we build up our influence and contributions in the Regions and be seen as a partner for growth and development in the energy industry of these Regions. In terms of potential membership in the Regions, the AAPG has not even begun to scratch the surface in terms of its potentials. It is time to build on the solid foundation built by past leaders of the Association and take advantage of the global brand recognition – and welcome more geoscientists to the AAPG tent.

This is my vision; this is why I am running for VP-Regions. With the support of ALL the amazing women and men that make up the membership of AAPG we can together power the much-needed growth and sustainability of our Association as we stride purposefully into the Energy Transition Era.

Academic Degrees

  • 2019-present – Ph.D. candidate, Business Administration, Walden University, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • MSc., Project Management, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • PgD, Petroleum Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria
  • B.Tech, Applied Geology, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria


  • 2015-Present – Director, Nigerian Independents, Schlumberger Nigeria Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria
  • 2011-15 – General Manager, Local Content for NGA, Nigeria, Gulf of Guinea countries, Schlumberger West Africa
  • 2011 – Manager, Oil Field Services (Chevron companies), Schlumberger West Africa
  • 2007-11 – PTCi Portfolio Manager, Global Business Development Manager, Schlumberger
  • 2005-07 – Operations Manager, North Sea Geomarket, Schlumberger Oilfield UK
  • 2001-05 – Account Manager, Schlumberger Nigeria Ltd.
  • 2000-01 – Consulting Geologist, Energy Porfolio Managers
  • 1997-2000 – Senior Geologist, Esso E&P Nigeria Ltd.
  • 1992-97 – Geophysicist/Senior Computing Geologist, Geotrex Systems Ltd.
  • 1990-91 – Production Geologist, Mobil Producing Nigeria
  • 1989 – Geologist (trainee), Geological Survey of Nigeria


AAPG Activities

  • 2019-20 – AAPG House of Delegates
  • 2019 – General Vice Chair, AAPG international Conference and Exhibition, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 2016 – President, Nigerian Association of Petroleum Exploration
  • 2013-19 – AAPG Advisory Council
  • 2012-14 – Past-President, AAPG Africa Region
  • 2010-12 – President, AAPG Africa Region
  •  2012 – Technical Committee, AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2011 – General Co-Chair, AAPG Africa/Europe Joint Conference, Marrakesh, Morocco
  • 2010 – General Co-Chair, AAPG-NAPE Deepwater West Africa Conference
  • 2008-09 – President-Elect, AAPG Africa Region
  • 2005-11 – Membership Coordination and Communication, AAPG Africa Region
  • 2004-07 – Secretary/Treasurer, AAPG Africa Region
  • 2004-10 – Distinguished Lecture Committee (International)
  • 2002-05 – Membership Committee
  • 2001-03 – Secretary/Treasurer, AAPG Africa Region

AAPG Honors & Awards

  • 2018 – AAPG Certificate of Merit
  • 2012 – AAPG Certificate of Merit


  • (None available)

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Candidates for AAPG office have been given the opportunity to respond briefly to the subject: "Why I Accepted the Invitation to be a Candidate for an AAPG Office."

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