Candidate for President-Elect (2022-23)

Claudia J.
Claudia J. Hackbarth
Manager, Technology Learning
Shell Global Solutions U.S. Inc., Houston, Texas


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Academic Degrees

  • Claudia holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia (Chemistry, Environmental Sciences) and Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University (Geological Sciences). 


  • Claudia Hackbarth has spent her 30+ years at Shell alternating between the Technology R&D function and the Exploration & Production businesses. Areas of inquiry or application have included onshore and offshore petroleum extraction, oil shale exploration, shale gas and shale oil exploration and development, technology planning, and novel technologies for both Upstream and Downstream applications. Highlights include leading Shell's exploration for shale gas in the U.S. 2007-2009 and in China's Sichuan Basin 2010-2011. In 2012 she returned to the R&D function and assumed leadership roles including VP for the R&D portfolios Unconventional Resources, In Situ Tar Sands, Water, and Shell TechWorks. As from January 2018 she is leading creation of new upskilling programs in support of strategic techno-commercial corporate goals. 


AAPG Activities

  • Joined AAPG 1988; Department of Environmental Geosciences (DEG) 2002; Division of Professional Affairs (DPA) 1992, CPG #5174; Energy Minerals Division (EMD) 2002; EMD Gulf Coast Council Member, 2019-Present
    AAPG Women's Network (AAPGWN), 2019-Present 

AAPG Honors & Awards


General Info

Candidates for AAPG office have been given the opportunity to respond briefly to the subject: "Why I Accepted the Invitation to be a Candidate for an AAPG Office."

Their responses and biographical information were provided by each candidate and edited only for grammar, spelling and format.

This information will also be provided as hard-copy in an early issue of the EXPLORER and available on the AAPG website through the election period. Ballots will be mailed, online in the first quarter of each year. Results will be posted mid-May.

Candidates were asked to limit their biographies to 350 words and responses to 500 words.

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