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Alfredo Guzman
Director for Casa Exploration in Mexico
Casa Exploration


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I accepted the invitation to contend for the position of president-elect of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists because I’ve been a member of AAPG since 1969, when I joined the organization as an undergrad student at Texas Tech University and where I was mentored by three AAPG past presidents – Grover Murray, who was the school president, Frank Conselman and Orlo Childs – and by my father, Eduardo J. Guzmàn, who in 1967 had been AAPG vice president, which made me aware of how important it was to serve the organization from its highest position.

I owe to AAPG a very large part of my professional development acquired through its schools, field courses, conferences, publications, committees, personal contacts, etc., and I want to give back to the organization a little of what it has given me, now that I have the time to commit for the several years that the position requires.

After having spent more than 40 years in industry doing research, exploring, managing, holding executive positions, as an industry regulator and as a consultant, I have the experience and skills needed for the organization’s top executive position.

AAPG is in the process of becoming a truly worldwide organization, and as an international member I have the background and understanding of the issues that can help move the organization in its globalization process. I also understand the challenges regarding the organization’s demographics and can help improve the status, particularly regarding age distribution, participation of women and students, etc.

With my 44 years experience in AAPG I have a keen understanding of the organization, I know the membership and have very good working and personal relations with the leaders of the Regions, the Divisions and Sections. During my tenures as president of the Latin America Region, vice president-Regions and chair of the Cancùn AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, I met and worked close with many of AAPG’s headquarters staff. I know the organization’s programs, I have a good understanding of its financial issues, and of the multiple challenges it will be facing and I have ideas on how to improve our bottom line.

In conclusion I have the necessary attributes and leadership skills required to preside succesfully over the world class organization that is the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Academic Degrees

  • 2001 B.B.A., Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City, Mexico
  • 1971-73 M.S., geology, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
  • 1967-71 B.S., geology, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


  • 2012-13 Retired, international consultant, CEO and president, Compañía Petrolera de Altamira
  • 2011-12 Advisor, Tarco Latin America
  • 2010-11 Consultant for Apache Corporation
  • 2009-10 Commissioner, National Hydrocarbon Commission
  • 2008-09 Advisor/consultant to several enterprises
  • 2007-08 Associate, Custer Resources
  • 2007-08 Board of Directors, Andrews Technnlogies Inc.
  • 1974-2007 Pemex Exploration and Production
    • 2002-07 Vice president, North Region SBU, Northern Mexico
    • 1999-01 Vice president-exploration, all of Mexico
    • 1997-98 Planning manager, North Region SBU, Northern Mexico
    • 1995-97 Exploration manager, North Region SBU, Northern Mexico
    • 1994-95 Burgos Basin Integral project team leader, NE Mexico
    • 1990-93 Sedimentology studies superintendent, NE Mexico
    • 1986-89 Exploration district manager, North Central Mexico
    • 1983-86 Field supervisor, Geological Operations NW Mexico
    • 1980-82 Sedimentologist, NE Mexico
    • 1978-79 Wellsite geologist, NW Mexico
    • 1974-77 Field geologist, Northern Mexico
  • 1972-1973 Mexican Petroleum Institute, carbonate sedimentologist
  • 1970 Minerals Exploration Company (subsidiary of Unocal) field assistant in North Western Mexico for the summer


AAPG Activities

Joined AAPG 1969
Member DPA, EMD

  • 2013 Technical co-chair, AAPG ICE - Cartagena, Colombia
  • 2009-11 Vice president-Regions (International)
  • 2004 Several committees including general chair, AAPG ICE, Cancùn, Mexico
  • 2003-04 President, Latin America Region

AAPG Honors & Awards

  • 2011 Award of Excellence
  • 2007 Distinguished Service Award
  • 2004 Certificate of Merit 


Over 50 publications and over 200 presentations

Section 2. President

The President shall be the chief executive officer of this Association. The President shall be spokesman for the Association on all matters pertaining to the public; shall appoint the members of all committees within the limits prescribed in the Constitution and Bylaws; shall appoint delegates to cooperating organizations to represent the Association; and shall serve as chair of the Executive Committee.

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