Michael L.
Michael L. Sweet
Geoscience Technical Team Lead
ExxonMobil Research Co., Spring, Texas
Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., Geology, University of Texas Austin
  • M.S., Geology, University of Illinois - Champagne-Urbana
  • B.S., Geology, University of Wisconsin - Madison


  • 2010-present Geoscience technical team lead, ExxonMobil Angola Production, Houston
  • 2001-10 Research geologist, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, Houston
  • 1999-2001 Geologic consultant, Knowledge Reservoir, Houston
  • 1996-99 Exploration geologist, BP, Houston
  • 1993-96 Production geologist, BP, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • 1989-93 Sedimentologist, BP, Houston
  • 1982-84 Exploration geologist, Getty Oil, Oklahoma City


AAPG Activities

Joined AAPG 1983

  • 2009-present Vice chair, Publications Committee
  • 2008-present Publications Committee
  • 2004-present Associate editor, AAPG Bulletin
  • 2011 Field trip co-chair, ACE 2011
  • 2000-05 Publications Committee

AAPG Honors & Awards


Over 40 peer-reviewed publications and presentations on stratigraphy/sedimentology, reservoir connectivity and production geology

  • 2007, Genesis field, Gulf of Mexico: Recognizing reservoir compartments on geologic and production time scales in deep-water reservoirs, AAPG Bulletin
  • Distal Basin Floor Fan Deposits of the Middle Eocene Tyee Formation, Oregon, United States - Atlas of deep-water outcrops, AAPG Studies in Geology 56
  • 2002, Contrasting styles of eolian, fluvial and lacustrine sequence development: UK southern North Sea - GCSSEPM 22nd Annual Research Conference
  • 1999, Interaction between aeolian, fluvial and playa environments in the Permian Rotliegend Group, UK Southern North Sea -Sedimentology
  • 1997, South Ravenspurn Gas Field, Offshore United Kingdom: Sequence Stratigraphy and Heterogeneity Modeling in a Low Permeability Continental Reservoir -  GCSSEPM 18th Annual Research Conference
  • Rotliegend core from the 48/6-34 well, Hyde Field, Southern Gas Basin - Cores from the Northwest European Hydrocarbon Province: An illustration of geological applications from exploration and development. Geological Society of London
  • 1996, Modeling heterogeneity in a low permeability gas reservoir using geostatistical techniques - Hyde Field, Southern North Sea, AAPG Bulletin.
  • 1995, Three-dimensional distribution of lithofacies, bounding surfaces, porosity and permeability in a fluvial sandstone - the Gypsy Sandstone of northern Oklahoma, AAPG Bulletin
  • 1992, Lee-face airflow, surface processes and stratification types: Their significance for refining the use of eolian cross-strata as paleocurrent indicators - GSA Bulletin
  • 1990, An empirical model of aeolian dune lee-face ai

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