13 June, 2022

Exploring the Potential of Hydrogen Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean


17 Presentations from this virtual technical symposium were captured and are now available for symposium attendees. They will soon be available for purchase in our store.

Environmental risks posed by climate change create an urgent need to accelerate the pace at which the energy transition is taking place. Geoscientists and engineers working in today’s energy industry no longer look at the subsurface exclusively as a place to extract conventional resources like oil and gas, but also as a permanent sink for carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, through H₂ storage, the subsurface becomes a “super battery” that can help to mitigate the intermittency of renewable energy sources.

Resource availability, access to technology, local conditions, public policies, and political considerations all determine the pace at which the emerging hydrogen economy will develop in the Latin American and Caribbean Region.

This AAPG Virtual Technical Symposium brought together geoscience professionals, engineers, economists and entrepreneurs from the energy industry, academia, and the investment sector to share ideas, best practices, and lessons learned to help the Region face the challenges associated with developing a hydrogen economy.

17 Presentations from this symposium are now available in our store separately or as a collection.

Symposium attendees will continue to have access to these presentations until February 18th 2023 by logging in.