17 May, 2022

AAPGWN Newsletter - 2022: Quarter 1, Issue 1

Editors: Michelle Pittenger and Yousra Salih


In this issue:

  • 2021 Recap
  • Ongoing initiatives
  • Nominations Open!

2022 Events
March 29 & 31 -

Round Table Discussions

April 12 -

All In: Decarbonization Solutions for the Energy Transition featured Dr. Sarah Goodman, Dr. Rachelle Kernen, Matt Fry, Dr. Frank Pazzaglia, Dr. Samuel Taylor, and Dr. Munira Raji. Moderators were Kristin Carter, Michele Cooney, Caroline Wachtman.

May 17, 12-1 p.m. (CDT) -

A two-part event:

  1. Talk - Sediment Gravity Flows Construct a Prodelta-to-shelf Depositional Environment: Coaledo Formation, Southwest Oregon.
  2. Panel Discussion - The Importance of Fieldwork for a Geoscience Education. Speakers will be Nicole Gonzalez, Dr. David Mohrig, and Dr. Randi Martinsen.
Coming Soon:

Short-short courses (Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Jen Wadsworth, & more).
Upcoming "Geology of..." series 2022:

  • Geology of Coffee is tentatively scheduled for July 2022.
  • Geology of Whiskey -- Q3/Q4.
2021 Recap
Technical Webinar Series:
  • Participation in webinars ranged from 30 to 100+.
  • Opportunities to grow and hear about valuable information were presented.
  • Webinar recordings are available HERE .
"Geology of ..." Series
  • Events had from 60 to 500+ participants.
  • Significant contributor to growing the AAPGWN membership.
Ongoing Initiatives
Mentoring Program:
  • The Mentoring program was opened for a second shorter term in February. Pairing of mentor/mentees is completed. We hope all applicants are having a good mentoring relationship!

For suggestions of future programming ideas or to volunteer to help with event planning, contact Rebecca Caldwell .

Awards and Nominations Committee
  • Nominations closed on February 28.
  • Eight nominations were submitted by a large group of people on behalf of AAPGWN. It was mentioned that the webinar held earlier in February on how to nominate helped in the process.
  • Despite setbacks for speakers due to omicron/international travel, the event was planned in collaboration with other women events (i.e., Women Leadership Event).
  • There were talks on diversity and challenges during the pandemic. More available HERE .
IMAGE Planning:
  • Caroline Wachtman will be the point of contact for AAPGWN.
  • IMAGE is scheduled for August 28 - September 2; planning is ongoing and additional volunteers are needed for help in planning.
  • More information will be available soon.

  • Anyone interested in being an abstract reviewer or session chair should contact Ali Sloan .

AAPG Women's network officer nominations for co-chair, secretary and treasurer closed May 1, 2022. However, we are still seeking Section and Region representatives to help us better serve our global membership. We have openings in the Canada and Middle East Regions and the Mid-Continent, Pacific, Rocky Mountain and Southwest Sections.

If you are interested in serving as a section/region representative, please email us.

Student-focused planning is underway for 2022. If you have ideas or would like to contribute, please contact Chioma Onwumelu.

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