01 December, 2021

Basin Evolution and Prospectivity in Flexural and Rift Basins


Join us for a workshop where experts will  explore the Carpathian foreland and the Dnieper-Donetsk rift basins with a focus not only on hydrocarbons, but the utilization of geothermal resources, hydrogen exploration and CCUS.

Due to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine we have decided to postpone this meeting until next year, September 21-22 of 2023. Bookmark this page for latest developments.

This meeting is organized 13 years after the first-ever AAPG conference in Ukraine which took place in Kiev(Kyiv) back in 2010 focusing on the Black Sea and Caspian regions. The theme we have chosen for this return of AAPG Europe to the Ukraine is “Basin evolution and prospectivity in flexural and rift basins". Ukraine has several hydrocarbon producing basins falling in these basin categories, the most prominent ones being the Carpathian foreland and the Dnieper-Donetsk rift basins. Other classic petroleum basins in the region are the Carpathian, Dobrogea and Crimean folded belts and the passive margin of the northern Black Sea shelf and deepwater areas.

Given the global energy transition, an even deeper understanding of these basin units is required now not only with hydrocarbons in mind but with a new focus on geothermal energy utilization, carbon dioxide capture, utilization, storage, hydrogen exploration and storage. These rapidly emerging topics will have dedicated special sessions.

The Lviv GTW will also have special sessions which fit the general geological setting of the Ukrainian basins highlighting aspects of the petroleum systems elements focusing on, for example, salt tectonics, clastic and carbonate reservoirs and structural geology. Within the broad structural geology theme we are planning to have not only a session devoted to thrust-fold belts in the European region (and beyond!) but also discuss fault reactivation and inversion tectonics in folded belts and inversion with global case studies.

Given the ongoing COVID situation, our Technical and Advisory committees are prepared to work on a solid technical programme with a physical meeting in mind. We believe that by the early summer of 2022 the meeting will have a good chance to occur in-person in the beautiful city of Lviv and the planned exceptional field trips can also happen. We deliberately work with the local and regional universities and research institutions to have a healthy mix of professionals from both the industry and the academia for this event.

We hope that all the interested explorers and geoscientists will not only enjoy this conference but also find some extra time to visit stunning and historic city of Lviv which is easily accessible from many airports in Europe. Again, this is the very first time for AAPG to have a conference in Lviv and we feel confident that it will be a superb and memorable one!