03 June, 2021

AAPGWN Newsletter - Issue 1 | Second quarter 2021

Inaugural issue of the AAPG Women's Network Newsletter | Michelle Pittenger, editor


AAPGWN Newsletter is a new quarterly publication produced by and for the AAPG Women's Network members.

In this issue:

  • Welcome to the first issue from editor Michelle Pittenger.
  • House of Delegates Vote on Division Status Fails - Results of the HoD vote and future plans for a second attempt to move to Division status.
  • Past Events – Highlights of past events include the International Women’s Day Panel, AAPGWN 2021 Webinar series featuring Dr. Molly Turko and the Geology of Wine event
  • Upcoming Events – Include the continuing webinar series with “One geologist per region” featuring Prof. Clemencia Gòmez, “Transitioning from student to professional,” a student event, “The Geology of Beer” presentation and the documentary “Picture a Scientist” screening at the upcoming IMAGE convention.
  • Ongoing Initiatives – Include the AAPGWN Mentoring Program, nominations for officers and committees, and more.


Welcome to the first issue of the AAPG Women’s Network Newsletter. We will be issuing these newsletters after each quarterly AAPGWN All-Member Meeting to keep our members up-to-date with all the latest news and events happening in the network. We hope you enjoy reading about all that’s going on in AAPGWN and will find this newsletter useful.

Please send your comments or suggestions on the newsletter or on any of the topics covered in the newsletter to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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House of Delegates Vote on Division Status Fails

Despite efforts to reach out to delegates for their support of moving the Women’s Network to Division status and a very supportive letter from AAPG past-president Mike Party, the effort failed to receive the two-thirds majority required to pass, with a vote of 76 in favor and 49 against. A second attempt to move to Division status will be made at the House of Delegates meeting at ACE 2021 in Denver this September.

Past Events

  • International Women’s Day panel was co-hosted with SEG WN and SPE WIN leaders on March 8th. The event was initiated by SEGWN chair (Ellie Ardakani). Event was made up of a series of questions on what women’s networks do. Recording is available AAPGWN and SEGWN social media.
  • AAPGWN 2021 Webinar Series kicked off with Dr. Molly Turko’s talk on April 8th, entitled “The Impact of the Wichita Uplift on the Anadarko Basin: How understanding structural complexity helps mitigate operational risk.” Webinar series videos are posted on the AAPGWN YouTube channel.
  • The Geology of Wine was held on April 16th.The event was very successful with positive networking/feedback, so much so that the committee is planning several future “Geology of…” sessions.

Upcoming Events

June 22 - June’s webinar series event will feature Professor Clemencia Gòmez presenting in Spanish on “One geologist per region,” followed by an interactive networking event in both Spanish and English (English presentation materials will be available).

June 29 - Student Initiative event will be a four-person panel discussion on “Transitioning from student to professional. Forty minute discussion will be followed by 20 min. Q&A and 10-20 min. of networking in breakout rooms.

July/Sept - The 2021 Webinar Series committee is currently working to finalize speakers to address topics surrounding "Our Evolving Geoscience World." Speaker suggestions and volunteers are welcome! Please email [email protected].

Aug. 20 - Planning for “The Geology of Beer” is underway. Stay tuned for more details!

IMAGE Annual Convention and Expo

If you haven’t heard, ACE is merging with the SEG Annual Meeting and getting a new name: IMAGE! Here are some of the events AAPGWN is working on for IMAGE in Denver this September:

  • AAPGWN Luncheon "Picture a Scientist Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion”: Sponsorship is available from AAPG, just waiting to hear from SEG on their sponsorship, as it will be a combined event.  Once confirmed, numbers and cost of registration will be finalized.
  • Geochemistry Short Course
  • AAPGWN Networking Reception on Saturday night
  • AAPGWN Special Session on Resilience: Tapping into our passions in order to persevere
  • AAPGWN and Salt Basins TIG Technical Special Session
  • AAPGWN/SEGWN Special Session: Achieving gender, ethnic and racial equality in professional geoscience organizations.

As planning continues, we will be reaching out for volunteers to help with each of these events, so please consider helping your Women’s Network, as your schedule allows.

Be on the lookout for information non the date and time for the next AAPGWN All-Member Meeting, planned for August 2021!

Ongoing Initiatives

Mentoring Program: We had 96 users, with some users both mentee and mentor, so altogether we had 54 mentoring connections. There was a good distribution and wide range professional experience and diversity. Funding for the program was received from Saudi Aramco. We also received great feedback from the program surveys:

  • “Great mentor/mentee pairing in terms of career path and career interests. Couldn’t be happier.”
  • “We had a lot of really great and in depth conversations about the topics listed in my mentoring goals.”
  • "Having someone who is willing to share their knowledge and experiences is very valuable.”
  • Funding/Consortium: Proposal is complete and has been sent out.
  • Publication:Working on incorporating comments from the reviews.
  • Co-chair nomination: Call for nominations closed on May 28.
  • Awards and Nominations: Kathryn Tamulonis will now be leading this committee.
  • Social Media & Explorer: Laura Dafov has taken an active role in helping with social media and Michelle Pittenger will now be publishing quarterly newsletters.

Anyone interested in taking on a more active role should email AAPGWN: [email protected]