11 May, 2021

Remaining Hydrocarbon Potential in Southern African Offshore Basins


Block your calendars and join us for 'Remaining Hydrocarbon Potential in Southern African Offshore Basins' taking place from 7-9 February 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa. More information to follow soon.

Southern Africa Region

The recent large hydrocarbon discoveries offshore Mozambique and now South Africa highlight the offshore Southern African Basins as a hotspot for global hydrocarbon exploration. This 3-day geosciences technology workshop includes an optional field trip to the deepwater sediments at the Tanqua Karoo. Participants of this field excursion will be visiting the world's best examples of ancient basin floor to slope fan complexes associated with fluvial-dominated deltaic systems. The Permian Tanqua- and Laingsburg fan complexes of the south-western Karoo Basin have served as an analogue for many deepwater systems around the world and continue to be the most sought after “open-air laboratory” for studying the nature of fine-grained deepwater sedimentation.

This workshop aims to provide a broad platform for presenting and discussing the understanding of the petroleum geology of Southern African Offshore Basins in Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Angola and others, encompassing themes associated with its plays and reservoirs. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to integrate academic with industry players in Southern Africa to help establish Southern Africa as a vibrant and emerging prolific petroleum hub. This workshop is intended to bring those working or studying in the Southern Africa basins, geoscientists, engineers, and policymakers together for robust discussions.