17 March, 2021

ACE SC-03 Advanced Sequence Stratigraphic Applications for Exploration

SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology


Enroll in this short course to refresh concepts and terminology of sequence stratigraphy and explore more advanced concepts of Sequence Stratigraphy and its impact on Exploration and Production

  • Advanced methods in seismic stratigraphy
  • Recognition criteria for the identification of Composite Sequences, Sequence Sets and Depositional Sequences and their components in outcrops, cores, well logs and seismic
  • Interpretation and mapping techniques for cores, well-logs and seismic lines, from Exploration to Production business stages
  • Recognition criteria and mapping strategies for play elements in non-marine, shallow-marine, and deep-marine depositional settings
  • Application of sequence stratigraphy to unconventional resources
  • Play fairway identification and mapping
  • Reservoir geometry and connectivity in different depositional settings
$600 Professionals
$100 Students (Limited Number)
40 People
1.4 CEU
14 PDH
SEPM CSP #9 – Sequence Stratigraphy of Siliciclastic Systems – Atlas of Exercises
Color Pencils