01 April, 2019

AAPG Members Qualify for Free Access to Knowledgette Online Courses


AAPG members now have free access to online courses at Knowledgette. Knowledgette offers online courses in micro-sized chunks, perfect for busy lifestyles.

You may remember the wonderful interview we had with Shipeng Fu, visionary founder of Knowledgette. Knowledgette has developed micro-learning online courses, which can be accessed through Knowledgette. AAPG has teamed up with Knowledgette to offer online courses in small, bite-sized chunks, perfect for your busy life.

Now, AAPG members may have FREE access to the courses through this link: https://www.knowledgette.com/p/aapg-spwla-members-only/?product_id=493919&coupon_code=AAPG2019

In case you missed the interview with Shipeng, here is a link: https://www.aapg.org/publications/blogs/learn/article/Articleid/50289/interview-with-shipeng-fu-knowledgette-innovators-in-training-series