06 March, 2019

2nd Edition: Decision Based Integrated Reservoir Modeling


Join us for the 2nd edition of the Decision Based Integrated Reservoir Modeling GTW which will now be held virtually from on 1–4 February 2021. The workshop will focus on the latest technology and cost-effective approaches for building accurate and predictive 3D reservoir models for the oil and gas industry.

What to Expect from the AAPG Virtual Experience:

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions and differing guidelines from companies and organizations, the AAPG Decision Based Integrated Reservoir Modeling GTW will now be taking place virtually from 1 – 4 February 2021 and then on-demand anytime, from anywhere, and from any device for the next 2 months. The workshop will provide the best opportunity to safely connect with industry colleagues and peers while travel restrictions, social distancing, and health concerns persist. The new dynamic all-digital platform makes it simple for you to access all the great science, networking, and technology to help you stay on the cutting edge of petroleum geoscience. Our businesses and industry are experiencing difficult times, but overcoming obstacles is what explorers do – so let’s do it together.

  • Benefits of our virtual events:
  • Easily view the live presentations, ask questions and chat with other attendees
  • Easily access the technical program and details of each presentation
  • View the profiles of each presenter
  • Participate in breakout discussion sessions
  • Networking with other attendees and schedule one on one meetings
  • Access to all the presentations for up to 2 months after the workshop
  • Access to a dedicated sponsorship page
  • Digital delegate bag and certificate of attendance

Following the successful 1st edition of the Decision based Integrated Reservoir Modeling GTW, the 2nd edition will focus on the latest technology and cost-effective approaches for building accurate and predictive 3D reservoir models for the oil and gas industry. Integrated reservoir modeling plays a pivotal role in the E&P workflow, where 3D quantitative geocellular models provide essential input for major oil and gas field development decisions. Static and dynamic data integration, new developments in 3D reservoir modeling techniques, and uncertainty quantification associated with reserves estimation, will be just a few topics, among others, to be tackled and discussed during the workshop.

Benefits of Attending

Just like many industries, the oil and gas industry is embracing machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology that is expected to fundamentally transform the way we quantitatively characterize and model subsurface reservoirs. Fascinating geoscience-related ML and AI technological innovations, including challenges and opportunities, will be presented and debated. Will ML and AI help us achieve enhanced accuracy and cost-effectiveness when it comes to reservoir properties prediction and 3D reservoir modeling in complex reservoirs with large multi-disciplinary data?

The workshop will also include case studies presentations underscoring how advanced reservoir modeling technology and rigorous multi-disciplinary data integration facilitated the successful execution of complex field increments. Discussions are also expected on the most common pitfalls to avoid.

An optional one day field trip is planned in connection with the workshop.

Who Should Attend?

Geologists, geophysicists, reservoir modelers, petrophysicists, reservoir simulation engineers, reservoir management engineers, project managers, data scientists, and team leaders working in exploration, field development, and technology innovation.