16 November, 2018

Just Announced - Deadline Extended!


Join the excitement and submit your abstracts to the inaugural Geosciences Technology Workshop (GTW) in Israel, Exploration and Development of Siliciclastic and Carbonate Reservoirs in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

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To ensure high quality presentations for all attendees looking to discover the latest emerging developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, the program committee has extended the abstract submission deadline to Thursday, 29 November 2018.

Now is the time to join the excitement and share your expertise at this inaugural Geosciences Technology Workshop (GTW) in Israel, Exploration and Development of Siliciclastic and Carbonate Reservoirs in the Eastern Mediterranean

Recent large gas discoveries offshore Israel, Cyprus, and Egypt highlight the Eastern Mediterranean area as a hotspot for global exploration. This underexplored region is experiencing a resurgence of E&P activity, underlain by the emergence of new plays, both siliciclastic and carbonate. Our understanding of the complex geology and different petroleum systems of the region, while studied for decades, is still evolving, as new concepts are being tested, new data is being acquired, and old data being revisited. Not unlike other regions, the development of discoveries here poses interesting challenges too, with sources-to-markets spanning large distance, complex bathymetry, and high perceived entry costs. 

This 2-day workshop aims to: 

  • provide a broad platform for presenting and discussing the current understanding of the petroleum geology of the region
  • encompass themes associated with the full life cycle of its plays and reservoirs
  • provide an opportunity to integrate academia with industry across the Central and Eastern Mediterranean


Deadline for Submissions: 29 November 2018


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Workshop Themes:
  • Theme 1: Depositional and Tectonic Evolution
  • Theme 2: Siliciclastic Systems
  • Theme 3: Carbonate Systems
  • Theme 4: Source Rock, Thermal History, and Basin Modeling
  • Theme 5: Advances in Exploration
  • Theme 6: From HC Discoveries to Market
  • Theme 7: New Exploration Opportunities and Frontiers
Three field trips will be taking place before and after the workshop on 25 and 28 February, presenting some of the geological attractions of the region and highlighting possible field analogs of the carbonate and siliciclastic reservoirs of the Levant Basin. Preliminary details for the trips are below:


Dead Sea Lake Shore
Mount Carmel Carbonate Buildup  Northern Negev Eroded Anticline 
Structural elements and Cretaceous to Neogene stratigraphic units exposed in the southwestern margin of the Dead Sea Lake. Middle Cretaceous Carbonate platforms and Rudist-rich facies in the mountains of northern Israel.   Syrian-Arc anticlines and stratigraphy of Jurassic, Cretaceous and Neogene shallow-marine to continental deposits outcropping in southern Israel. 
Submit Your Abstracts to:

Terri Duncan
Technical Programs Coordinator
Tel: +1 918 560 2641

Additional Info and Questions:

Theresa Curry
Meeting Planner
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