02 April, 2018

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Featuring oral and poster presentations and breakout sessions, this two-day event will include well-known speakers and timely topics! Check it out now!

The AAPG Maximizing Asset Value: Integrating Geoscience with Reservoir Management and Facilities Optimization workshop is less than one month away. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this exciting geoscience event. Register today!

The objective of the event is to shape the E&P integration processes, and especially the geoscience contribution, by examining case studies from a range of geoscience, engineering and business environments.

The workshop will consist of oral presentations, poster presentations and breakout sessions. This two-day event will include two inaugural speeches delivered by Ali Gheithy, PDO & Hafiz Al-Shammery, Saudi Aramco. The event will feature the following sessions:

  1. Session 1: The Power of Integrating Subsurface Data Analysis I
  2. Session 2: The Power of Integrating Subsurface Data Analysis II
  3. Session 3: Subsurface to Surface Collaborative Planning
  4. Session 4: Technologies Advancement – Case Studies

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