21 November, 2013

Interpretation Visualization in the Petroleum Industry


The purpose of this technical conference is to enhance cooperation and exchange ideas about interpretation visualization. Continuing the theme of the 2013 Hedberg Conference, 3D Structural Geologic Interpretation: Earth, Mind, and Machine, this conference will focus on technologies and techniques for enhancing and extracting compelling visualizations of stratigraphic and geomorphological interpretations.

Visualization technology and techniques enhance our ability to perceive the geology and petroleum systems being imaged by our data. Our geologic understanding is growing as we integrate three dimensional data from all disciplines. Technologies are evolving which continue to offer new, even revolutionary, attributes from our data. Multi-volume rendering is increasingly a part of interpretation workflows, as are time lapse and real time methods. Patterns and interpretations are captured and exported to support quantitative modeling of production and drilling data for reservoir modeling, and for managing risk and environmental impact. In all this work, visualization is a key tool for integrating data and processes. It's a vibrant and exciting time to be an interpreter. Join us in exploring and creating this new world: merging geology, geophysics, and technology to image and model the earth.

The return on investment to industry from interpretive visualization, while unmeasured, appears enormous. This conference will attempt to leverage even greater value from these tools by facilitating more rapid uptake and dissemination of emerging technologies and methods from other fields. In addition, attendees will gain an understanding of leading strategies for implementing interpretive visualization.

This technical conference will provide an opportunity for E&P interpreter's to interact with leading research scientists to network, share knowledge, and identify opportunities for further collaboration. To foster innovation through adjacency, a cross-disciplinary session featuring presenters from Baylor Medical Research, NASA, Big Data, Architecture, and Journalism will lead off the research conference. A best of conference review will cover presentations from the 2013 Hedberg Conference, 3D Structural Geologic Interpretation: Earth, Mind, and Machine.