21 November, 2013

The Marcellus Shale Revealed with Full Azimuth 3D Multi-Component Seismic Data


This presentation demonstrates how 3D seismic data will contribute significantly to the understanding of the Marcellus.

Tony Rebec examines the Marcellus shale as revealed with full 3D multi-component seismic data including the dataset used for the examination and will discuss the geophysical strategy used to reveal the properties and attributes of this unique shale formation.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the Marcellus Shale/data
  • Vertical Calibration & Resolution
  • Spatial Resolution & Geometric Attributes
  • Anisotropic/Rock Property Attributes
    • Density and Orientation of Micro-fractures
    • Physical Basis
    • Velocities dependence on fractures’ direction Orientation Velocity Ellipse
    • Difference between fast and slow velocities (anisotropy) is a measure of fracture density
    • Elliptical Inversion (EI) to estimate anisotropy
  • Conclusions