04 January, 2018

Call for Papers Now Open!

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Submit your abstract now on one of the six presentation topics to be part of this exciting conference in August 2018. The conference will feature pre- and post-meeting excursions, courses and workshops.

2018 marks the sixth Conjugate Margins Conference which is designed for academic, government, and industry researchers and explorers to present the latest research and knowledge on topics directly impacting hydrocarbon exploration in Atlantic margin basins.

Presentation Topics
  • Geodynamics - Rift to Drift
  • Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
  • Regional Geology
  • Geochemistry and Petroleum Systems
  • Exploration Thinking for the Atlantic Conjugate Margins
  • Geoheritage Sites and Geoscience Collections
  • Short Abstract Submission Guidelines
Abstract Deadlines:
  • Short Abstract: March 31, 2018
  • Extended Abstract: May 31, 2018
Pre-meeting Excursions and Course:
  • “Petroleum Systems of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic Basins of Atlantic Canada” (Excursion)
  • “Onshore Equivalents of the Cretaceous Reservoir Rocks of the Scotian Basin: Detrital Petrology, Tectonics and Diagenesis” (Excursion)
  • Two-day course on “The Geology of Salt-Bearing Passive Margins” (Course)
Post-meeting Course and Workshop:
  • One-day workshop on “Atlantic Canada Reservoirs, Facies and Sequences” (Workshop)
  • Four-day course on “Salt Tectonics Field Seminar: Diapirs and Associated Deformation” (Course)

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