14 September, 2016

Final Chance! AAPG Petroleum Economics Course

AAPG Short Course | 22 September 2016 | Houston, TX


A great opportunity for new energy professionals. The registrants will learn the why’s and how’s of making investment decisions, i.e., whether and which projects to fund, in an oil and gas company. Fundamentals of petroleum economics are key to understanding how to prepare a project proposal, draft an Authorization for Expenditure request and understand how management makes the funding decisions that it does.

This course will consist of lecture and exercises to assist the new industry energy professionals with understanding the principles of petroleum economics; including the value of money, quantifying financials risks in petroleum investments, rates of return, forecasting cash flows and the fundamentals of capital budgeting.

Don't miss this opportunity. Great prices and special discounts for Students and Laid-off Geoscientists.

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