05 September, 2016

Division of Environmental Geosciences Mission Statement and Purpose


What is the DEG? Get a refresher of the mission statement and purpose of the Division of Environmental Geosciences.

  • EDUCATING the membership of AAPG and the general public about important issues that affect petroleum energy minerals exploration and production.
  • COMMUNICATING to the general public and government agencies the Association’s commitment to protect the environment while developing the world’s natural resources in a responsible manner.
  • APPLYING the expertise developed in the petroleum/energy minerals industries and hydrogeology to resolve environmental problems.
  • PROMOTING environmental self-regulation within the petroleum/energy minerals industries.
  • PROVIDING relevant educational opportunities and services for professional development of the AAPG membership through seminars and conferences in environmental geosciences, hydrogeology, and related fields.

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Dr. Barbara Kutchko, Managing Editor
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