23 June, 2016

AAPG Making Money with Mature Fields Workshop + The Petroleum Geochemistry Toolkit and/or Carbonate Depositional Systems Short Course

GTW Workshop + Short Course = Excellent Opportunity to Boost Your Knowledge


Come for the GTW "Making Money with Mature Fields", and stay for a short course; either "The Petroleum Geochemistry Toolkit for Petroleum Exploration and Development" or "Carbonate Depositional Systems".  All three will explore new and innovative technologies and ideas to lend increased business opportunities now and into the future.

The goal of the "Making Money with Mature Fields" workshop is to review mature fields and to identify the amount and nature of oil that can be recovered, and to evaluate competing strategies for economically producing the remaining reserves. In addition to looking closely at fields, we will review new and improved technologies that may help revitalize reservoirs and overcome problems such as low pressure, paraffin, corrosion, and more. We will identify companies willing to offer a “no money down” approach, or other forms of innovative financing. In addition to reviewing the technology, we will review case studies.

"The Petroleum Geochemistry Toolkit for Petroleum Exploration and Development" course, will provide the geologist, geophysicist, and engineer with sufficient background to better understand the basic principles of petroleum geochemistry, how best to use geochemistry in their exploration or production program, types of samples and analysis required to evaluate a basin/region, integration with other datasets, and better understand the geochemical data and interpretation as well as limitations.

Our "Carbonate Depositional Systems" course is for earth scientists and engineers involved in exploration or production from carbonate rocks. This is an introductory course that assumes no pre-existing knowledge. It moves from basic principles to advanced ideas and case studies that will also help experienced geoscientists with practical aspects of carbonate depositional systems. This course is designed to give participants a working knowledge of carbonate depositional systems. Follow the links below to register.......

Making Money with Mature Fields

The Petroleum Geochemistry Toolkit for Petroleum Exploration and Development

Carbonate Depositional Systems

We care about Laid-off geoscientists. Please contact AAPG and learn about scholarship assistance for all three events.