31 May, 2016

From the Editor-In-Chief's Desk


In the June issue of Environmental Geosciences:

In the June issue of Environmental Geosciences:

  • Dr. Appold of the University of Missouri-Columbia studies the effects of CO2 on pore water composition in the Pennsylvania Morrow B Sandstone in the Farnsworth Unit in Texas to evaluate potential for long-term CO2 sequestration and storage. The geochemical interactions of the CO2 and rock properties are studied in-depth to determine the viability of this method.
  • Elaborating on a much different topic, Dr. Sammarco of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium attempts to determine the correlation between substrate relief of hard-bottom offshore banks and the benthic biodiversity associated with their geographic patterns.

Although both papers deal with "wet" topics, the diversity in their environments is incredible and fascinating.

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