25 May, 2016

Well Received Workshop: "New Thinking & Value Propositions"

Making Money with Mature Fields


The "New Thinking and Value Propositions in Exploration and Production: ProActive Steps Now" GTW Workshop was an excellent opportunity to knowledge share in a time of low price environments every where.

The New Thinking and Value Proposition GTW was a two-day event that delved into how to proactively create opportunities for yourself and your company in a low price environment. The presenters discussed how to bring value propositions to operators. Revitalize reservoirs for less than the cost of plugging and abandoning, paid for by increased production. The discussions prompted rethinkinking reservoirs and pushing paradigm shifts to result in breakthroughs. Discussions ensued on how to use these times to pilot new products and technologies and thus position innovative companies to boom when conditions improve. The event was attended by engineers, geologists, geophysicists, land professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Check back for information on upcoming events: Making Money with Mature Fields, October 4-5, 2016, Houston, TX!