07 April, 2016

OTC | Petroleum Geology for Engineers

OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) 2-5 May | Houston, Texas, USA


This course is intended for engineers who need a better understanding of the geology and geological concepts used in exploration and production decisions, including petroleum engineers, drilling and completion engineers and others who may need a basic petroleum geology refresher. It will also be valuable for GeoTechs, Landmen, Bankers, Office staff and others who work with geologists and need a basic knowledge of geology and geologic terminology and processes.

This course is an introduction to petroleum geology and how a petroleum geologist uses the science to explore for oil and gas. Most engineers have a scientific education and background, but may not be familiar with some of the specific terms, processes and strategies unique to geology, and how they can work together with engineering data to evaluate prospects and plays for greater drilling success. Here are just a few of the topics to be covered:

  • Definition of a Petroleum Geologist
  • Duties of a Petroleum Geologist
  • Net pay, fracture orientation
  • Exploration strategy
  • How to scrutinize an oil & gas prospect
  • Risk Management
  • And more..........

This course is being taught by Dr. J. David Lazor. He is an Assistant Professor of Geology (Washington & Lee Univ. and Indiana Univ. NW), part time instructor of Geology at numerous junior colleges.  Exploration Geologist, Geophysicist, and Manager with several petroleum companies. Independent prospect generator and consultant, J.D. Lazor Enterprises, Inc (Texas Corporation).

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